between 1999 &

between 1999 & 2001

Euro Totem by M. Grisa
Some pictures of Maurizio Grissa to illustrate Eurototem art exhibition
2001 - Piano recital of Sumiko FUKAI & Eurototem

There was the concert in the villa on the occasion of the release of Cap d’Ail, the pianist Sumiko Fukai. (Read more...)

But this year 2001 was marked mainly by the first contemporary art exhibition at the Villa with 3 painters and 8 sculptors. Do you want to know more about the world of Eurotem. (Read more...)
Bronze sculpture
One of the many art pieces that Mateo Mornar had placed inside the park
2000 - Concert, painting & sculptures

The Park of the villa was the setting for the concert of the Trio Abaglio (composed of Anne-Sophie Bulla, Sabine Sinko and Bertrand Freyssenede). (Read more...)

In the same times, , the sculptor Mateo Mornard and the painter Hubert Dayan exhibited their art work. (Read more...)
Guitarist Philippe Loli
The artist in action ....
1999 - P. Loli recital

In its first public opening, the Villa "Le Roc Fleuri" and the Cap d’Ail district, in the framework of their cultural activities, offered, Saturday, September 4, 1999, a concert of acoustic guitar. (Read more...)