Why No-made

Why No-made

Since 2001, Denis GIBELIN is the main "creator" and manager of the cultural events which proceeded with the villa le Roc Fleury (an overview : Eurototem event but only available in french today for Verbes modern art event). Since 2003, strong relations were woven between Michele RAMIN (President of Arboretum de Roure) and Denis GIBELIN. Thus the field of these cultural events has largely exceeded the framework of the villa le Roc Fleury to extend geographically until the Arboretum of Roure and village of Clans (an overview of modern art events but only available in french today No-made 2003 - No-made 2004).

The spirit of No made, it is to be an opened register, each speaker registered there, the evocation of walk, displacement, uprooting gives dynamism to the event and works. To leave the framework, to go to the margin and to invite nature to take part.

It is like that, that this annual "rendez-vous" has been finally legitimated in the world of the regional modern art.

In order to avoid the drifts, to localise our energy towards our finalities first, it was necessary to obtain a well defined framework, enabling us to better manage the administrative aspects associated with the organization and management with such events.

Marie-France Lesne


Louis Dolle et Eve Lafarge


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