The Concert

The Concert

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Composed by Anne-Sophie BULLA at violoncello, by Sabine SINKO at piano and by Bertrand FREYSSENEDE at violin, the Trio d’Abaglio, in the frame of their concert have played the following musical composition:

Trio n°IV: for violin - violoncello - piano
Wolfang Amadeus MOZART
Trio Opus 120: for violin - violoncello - piano
Joseph HAYDN
Trio n°VI: for violin - violoncello - piano
Wolfang Amadeus MOZART

One Trio and 3 Artists... presentation

Bertrand Freyssenede the violinist


the violin player

Prize winner at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Paris.

From 1984, the first violin at the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Violonist leader of Kerylos Quatuor.

The pianist Sabine SINKO

Sabine SINKO

the piano player

Student of Mrs DELBERT, after brilliant studies at Nice region National Conservatoire, she devoted to musical education and to accompany soloists (musical instruments and voice singers).

She took part in many disc recording with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra.

The cellist Anne-Sophie BULLA

Anne-Sophie BULLA

The violoncello player

Musical studies at Prince Rainier III of Monaco music Academy.

She takes part, in France and in foreign countries, in many orchestra of young musicians led by famous band master.

The artists at the end of the concert


The Trio Abaglio