Artists at the (...)

Artists at the Villa

Through the differents cultural events which has been organised since 1999 at the villa le Roc Fleuri, you have had the possibility to discover work of many artists.

Behind work them self, we propose to know more about the artist him self, its live...

Philippe LOLI

Philippe LOLI biography’s Philippe LOLI was born in 1961 at Monaco and he studied at (...) Learn more

Hubert DAYAN

A painter called Hubert DAYAN - Date and place of birth: june 3th 1940 in Israel (...) Learn more

Sumiko FUKAI

A pianist called Sumiko FUKAI Sumiko FUKAI is borned in Tokyo. She studied piano at (...) Learn more

Other artists

Unfortunatly more informations on other artists who were present at the villa le Roc (...) Learn more

Opening 2019, it’s coming soon Opening 2019 at the Villa is coming soon... (...)

No-made 2017 on Monaco channel Watch the TV Report (in french)