Restoration work

Restoration work

In order to preserve this architectural heritage, historical and tourist of the commune of Cap d’Ail, the villa made, since 1997 the object of work of restoration. Those, led at the origin under the responsibility of architect J.P. HENRY, aim with:

  • preserving the Villa while returning its seal of origin to him,
  • allowing its opening the public in full safety.

Indeed, it appeared that, subjected to the wear of time, the bad weather and the seismic nature of the area, the Villa had undergone a certain number of damage. Those undoubtedly result from the nature of construction (odd structure) and the architecture of the time.

If you are curious, you can know some a little more:

  • on the project with what was already made, which is in hand or to come (More informations in french),
  • to discover our partners who are often of small craftsmen impassioned by their trade with the concern of work well done (especially when the task is noble).

The Park as for him was the subject of specific arrangement in order to accomodate you there under the best possible conditions.