Rental possibilities

Rental possibilities

You are looking for a single exceptional site, in a natural setting for an event indoors or outdoors, the Villa Le Roc Fleury welcomes you.

  • photography, filming ...

  • cultural exhibition, concert ...

  • holiday rentals
An overview of the South facade of the Villa
Villa Le Roc Fleury immortalized by a photographer’s lens during an exhibition

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The original features of the villa will seduce you:

- Villa Italian inspired of the1900’s consists of 7 rooms including a large living-dining room features a ceiling painted friezes marine overlooking the terrace of 35 m2.

- Exceptional location with stunning views of the Mediterranean and a 2450 m2 park with lush vegetation and a nonagenarian palm trees alley.

Opening 2019, it’s coming soon Opening 2019 at the Villa is coming soon... (...)

No-made 2017 on Monaco channel Watch the TV Report (in french)

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