Its organisation

Its organisation

As any association, "No made, the association" is made up of a certain number of members (in particular the founder members) and authorities of administration whose members are elected at the time of the annual administrative board meeting.

The founder members

  • Mister Denis GIBELIN, Mrs Michèle RAMIN

Nowdays Staff

  • Denis GIBELIN - President
  • Michèle RAMIN - Vice Presidente
  • Denis MALETRAS - Treasurer
  • Alain CORNELI - Technical Adviser
  • Henri BIAGI - Adviser
  • Stéphanie LOBRY - Adviser
  • Alexandra ALLARD - Adviser
  • Jean-Pierre JOLY - Adviser
  • Louis DOLLE - Adviser
  • Christian FULCHERI - Adviser
  • Charles COTTENOT - honor member
No-made managers
at the general meeting of the association at Villa May 1, 2005

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