Photo credit

Photo credit


The photographs used to illustrate the majority of this website are subject to the following credits:

- Ben (for no-made 2003 exposition),

- Cap Photo (Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat 06 - France),

- Coralie Lepage,

- Ernest Pignon Ernest (for no-made 2004 exposition),

- Jean Claude Fraicher,

- Marcel Lolli,

- Nathalie Correia,

- Raymond Pedretti,

- Robert Matthey.

Using rights:

Any copy of item contained of Roc Fleury website can be done or any links toward Roc fleury website can be freely created. You are merely requested to inform the website publication manager if this is done using "contact" item.

About the used of photographs, some being protected with a copyright, their origin must be mentioned.

View from the Terrace


Front south side of the Villa