Between 1843 &

Between 1843 & 1921

Around 1843

Mr Antoine BLANCHI was the owner of land located in an agricultural area devoted to market garden activities. In this times, this land was on the neighbourhood of Cap d’ail called " Le Plan ".

On January 9th 1907

Madam Louise GIACCARDI born LORENZI inherited from her grand-father, Mister Antoine BLANCHI, a land on which, with her husband, she has built a house. This building with one floor and a cellar, become, without doubt at this period an Hotel-Restaurant known as "Hôtel Réserve du Cap-Fleury" (term "Réserve" meaning fishe reserve) specialised in sea-food and fish dishes. It is may be at this period that the Villa inherited its specific ornate by painted ceiling.

On October 23th 1919

Madam la Marquise BUCCICO purchased this building and the land around but no architectural modification were made.

On January 29th 1921

Doctor Henri Joseph COTTENOT and his wife madam Mathilde OUDIN purchased this property from Madam la Marquise BUCCICO. A picture taken during this time from "la pointe des Douaniers", allows one to appreciate the initial architecture of this structure which was also the hotel-restaurant. The entrance was probably on the East side. Access to the first floor was assured with an interior marble staircase which is still exists. On the first floor, there were three small rooms with a common balcony.

Villa le Roc Fleury (ex-Hôtel de la Réserve) in 1921 at the time of its acquisition

View from the "Pointe des Douaniers
Villa le Roc Fleury (ex-Hotel Reserve) in its acquisition in 1921

This villa also exhibited a roof terrace typical of Italian inspired villas of this period. This one is visible on the picture which allows also to appreciate the surroundings of the villa at this time.

Agricultural area of the "Cap des Douaniers"
Overview of the north face of the building and agricultural grounds devoted at this times to market gardening (early 1920)

View of the North side of the building and the land devoted during this period to garden market activities

Agricultural area of the "Cap des Douaniers"


Overview of the Southern Roc Fleury facade to its origins