Become a member

Become a member

To manage as well as possible its actions, "No-made, the association" needs financial and human resources. To this end, association:

  • turns each year to the various public organizations having appropriations to develop the cultural rise of the area,
  • has a look on sponsors or patrons sensitive to our action and eager to contribute to our exposures,

But this is not enough. So if you are sensitive to this cultural approach and to modern art events which we carry out, No-made will be happy to have you among his members (as you are a "giver" member or an active member). Indeed:

  • Are considered as active members or members the persons or entities which assist the association in the most various forms and which regulate the annual contribution whose amount for the year 2005 is 20 euros.
  • Are considered as "giver" members those which a contribution equivalent to at least twenty-five times the annual contribution poured by the active members (either for the year 2005 at least 500 Euros).

To become member download the adhesion form and turn over accompanied by your payment to the address mentioned on the form.

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