About Eurototem (...)

About Eurototem world

You were not? So we try to give you an overview of this event through a virtual trip in the strange world of "Eurototem".
"E.Totem" by Laurent BOSIO
Animal, archaic, or fantasy form?
(welded steel sculpture, polished)
1000 Euro Coin
Clay sculpture by Paul STAPLETON
"Sound variation" by Luigi RADICI
Thus, in the garden, "watchers", "warriors", "totems", standing or lying horizontally, catch your eyes.

Archaïc or fantastic animal forms, maps, insolit trails follow a pist, sit at the corner of an alley, suprising.
Inside the house, paintings, and pictures mix with scuptures under the ancient fresco ceiling. This first exhibition has revealed the potention of the living room to expose. Since, this place is higly appreciated by artists who want to be there
A unique place to host the works of artists
In 2001, the photograph Maurizio Grisa immortalized installing Eurototem 2001 (the first exhibition of contemporary art multi-artists who will become "no-made").
This revealed the potential of this unique location for exhibitions, making it very attractive with artists.

A unique place to host the works of artists


Multi-colors "Warriors"